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Assessing An Insurance Claim With An Insurance Adjuster In Hialeah, FL

Meet Our General Insurance Adjuster in Hialeah, FL

Rely on the expertise of Ray Rendueles, a licensed insurance adjuster in Hialeah, FL, with over 45 years of experience. He serves clients throughout South and Central Florida. Mr. Rendueles and his company, Aria Umpire Services INC, is well-versed in handling residential and commercial insurance claims. He has helped resolve many disputes and can do the same for you by figuring out a fair settlement by speaking with the client and witnesses, assessing the loss or damages, and reading reports by officials and more. Contact him today to learn how he can assist you with your insurance claim dispute.


  • Certified General Adjuster (CGA)
  • Registered General Adjuster (RGA)
  • Certified Property Insurance Appraiser (CPIA)
  • Certified Property Insurance Umpire (CPIU)
  • Property Claim Law Associate (PCLA)
  • Florida 520 Adjuster License
  • Bilingual English and Spanish


  • Society of Certified General Adjusters
  • Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association, Inc. (IAUA)
  • National Association of Insurance Umpires (NAIU)