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Resolve Your Dispute with Our Umpire Services

When the insurance company and the insured cannot agree on the amount and extent of damages, either party can request an appraisal. The insurance company and the insured will each appoint there own insurance appraiser. They will then, in turn, conduct an inspection and determine the amount of damages. If they cannot agree on the amount of damages, then they agree to select an umpire to make the final determination and that is when we come into play.

At Aria Umpire Services INC, we will make the final verdict, and the insurance company must abide by the decision. This takes the fight out of the courts, and both the insurance company and claimant will be happy with the outcome. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise in providing umpire services to resolve insurance claims.

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In addition to working with insurance companies, we also work with lawyers, general contractors, and public adjustment firms.

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We serve clients from throughout South Florida, Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys. Tampa and Orlando areas are available upon request.